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7 Guiding Blockchain Principles That Will Help You Understand and Master the Technology


As the new era of the digital economy continues, it’s important to understand how bitcoin technology functions. While Satoshi Nakamoto, the man behind the origin of bitcoin, never explicitly wrote down the guiding principles behind blockchain technology, there are numerous principles that can be derived from it. These principles are key for shaping the future of the digital economy and those venturing into the digital currency sphere need to understand the basics of blockchain technology.

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Bitcoin: How it All Started

The phenomenal surge in the price of Bitcoin in 2017 generated huge interest in this and other cryptocurrencies. It attracted a lot of attention worldwide and many people were jumping on the bandwagon with the fear of missing out without checking first what Bitcoin is all about.

With any investment, it is wise to do due diligence and check the facts before taking the plunge. Those who did this, were asking the question: “Who created Bitcoin?”

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Bitcoin crossed above $17,000. Have people who do not own any Bitcoin missed out?

Bitcoin hit a new milestone by surpassing the mindboggling price point of $17,000 per Bitcoin, even reaching as far as almost $ 20,000 per Bitcoin mid December 2017. These new highs may have people who do not own any Bitcoin wondering if they have missed out on this amazing investment opportunity?

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Are you going to sell your Bitcoin?

For everyone who is holding Bitcoins (or any other legitimate crypto currency for that matter), this question will probably sound very familiar right now. I myself have encountered this question most frequently since Bitcoin hit (and surpassed) the $10,000 mark not so long ago, drawing in worldwide attention of the mainstream media.


Do you want to know what would be my answer to the above question?

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