Bitcoin Gear's Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Bitcoin Gear's affiliate program page.

The purpose of our affiliate program is to financially support crypto content creators who bring value to the cryptospace through their social media platforms (youtube, instagram, etc.) and/or their content platforms (website, blogs, etc.), by offering a 10% revenue share of the sales made through our affiliate program.

The earned revenue shares which are eligible for payment, are paid (1) either in USD to the affiliate’s registered PayPal account or (2) in bitcoin to the affiliate's registered bitcoin address. (i.e. the affiliate is free to choose).

Website owners have the possibility to easily include shopping modules for items of their choice directly on their own website. This allows any website owner to provide a seamless shopping experience to its visitors, meaning the shopping experience and check out process all happen on their own website (i.e. in that case visitors are NOT redirected to the website, but stay on the affiliate's own website).

Affiliates having included our shopping modules on their own website are, amongst others:

In addition to the above, as you can see at (the first example mentioned above), we offer the option to any website owner to create a branded merchandise collection (t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, mugs) specifically tailored for them. All we require is that the website owner provides us with a website/brand logo, based on which we will create a unique custom made merch collection for the website owner and provide them with the shopping modules for their custom merch collection which they can include on their own website.

You can find more information on the terms and conditions of our affiliate program on our FAQ page. In case you would have any further questions, do not hesitate to send us a message at

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