Why Bitcoin Gear?

We at Bitcoin Gear are a team of enthusiastic people from all ages and backgrounds that are passionate about Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology, that promises to disrupt antiquated industries and bring financial independence to billions of people worldwide.

Our unweathering believe in Bitcoin’s potential to solve social, political, and economic problems through decentralized technology has led us to create Bitcoin Gear, an online Bitcoin shopping mall where you can find all your Bitcoin merchandise, ranging from Bitcoin clothing, Bitcoin caps, and Bitcoin mugs to all sorts of Bitcoin accessories and books about Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin and blockchain technology are steadily attracting more and more attention from the mainstream media everyday, Bitcoin is still a long way off from achieving mainstream adoption on a global scale. That is why we have decided to launch Bitcoin Gear; to accelerate Bitcoin’s growth and mainstream adoption by bringing awareness to the general public. So come and enter our Bitcoin Gear store and have a look at our Bitcoin swag.

Types of Bitcoin Gear

Bitcoin T Shirts & Sweatshirts

Looking for some cool Bitcoin apparel? Then check out our Bitcoin t shirt and Bitcoin sweatshirt collection featuring uniquely designed prints. All Bitcoin apparel that we offer is made in the USA. Our Bitcoin shirts are made of 100% ring spun cotton to ensure maximum durability. We have spent a lot of time and effort in designing these Bitcoin tees and Bitcoin sweatshirts, so we hope you like them!

Bitcoin Cap

Looking for an awesome Bitcoin cap? Then look no further and check out our broad Bitcoin snapback cap collection featuring a variety of clean looking Bitcoin designs and fresh colors.

Bitcoin Mugs

If you’re searching for an original Bitcoin mug, we got what you need in our Mug collection.

Bitcoin Accessories

And don’t forget to browse through our Bitcoin accessories if you want to find some unique Bitcoin accessories, such as Bitcoin phone cases, Bitcoin pins, Bitcoin badges and Bitcoin stickers.

Join our cause by helping us spread the Bitcoin message and get your Bitcoin swag here!