• TREZOR Black or White + Cryptosteel
  • TREZOR Black or White + Cryptosteel
  • TREZOR Black or White + Cryptosteel

TREZOR Black or White + Cryptosteel

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Keep your cryptocurrency protected at all times!

Get the TREZOR hardware wallet (black or white variation), in a convenient package with the indestructible Cryptosteel wallet for safeguarding your wallet recovery seed.

The Cryptosteel wallet is the premier indestructible backup tool for optimal offline storage of private keys, passwords and wallet recovery seeds without any third-party involvement. You can think of the Cryptosteel wallet as the master of all backups. With the Cryptosteel wallet, your most sensitive information is both hacker-proof and safe from the elements. It is the most proven and reliable method for storing your wallet recovery seed invented to date.

The Cryptosteel wallet is an indispensable device that you must have if you store your cryptocurrency on a Trezor hardware wallet. It is a stainless-steel alternative to the paper backup - the usual way to store the Trezor wallet recovery seed. It is the only safe method for securely storing your wallet recovery seed and protect it from the elements. Not safeguarding your Trezor wallet recovery seed on the Cryptosteel may be the biggest mistake you will ever make in your life.

Be smart and protect your wealth. Click 'Add To Cart' right now and order yours today!

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