Claim your HEX tokens now. FREE for bitcoin owners.

Serial entrepreneur and crypto personality Richard Heart has recently launched his new ERC-20 token on top of the Ethereum network called 'HEX'. HEX is designed to be the first high interest blockchain certificate of deposit (also known as 'time deposit'), which according to Richard Heart is a USD 7.2 trillion market in the traditional banking sector in the USA and China alone.

The HEX token launched on December 3rd, 2019 and BTC hodlers can claim HEX tokens completely for free, by signing a specific message with your private keys. This can be done safely (i.e. without ever exposing your private keys) using a Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet.

If you own BTC and are interested in this new project, make sure to claim your free HEX tokens now, as the amount of tokens distributed decreases by 2% each week and ends 353 days from the launch date.

You can find more information about HEX and claim your free HEX tokens with a 10% bonus by visiting the official website here.

Below you can find 2 videos, explaining (1) how to claim your free HEX tokens by signing a message with your bitcoin private keys (we recommend in this regard to use a Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet) and (2) how to install the Ethereum wallet (Chrome extension) called Metamask, which you will need to receive the HEX tokens.

1. How to claim your free HEX using BTC

2. How to install the Ethereum wallet Metamask

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