Corazon Crypto Hardware Wallet


Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turns into an innovation. Dedicated on the 10th anniversary of bitcoin’s creation, the Corazon is a reminder of the immense potential of the crypto industry, and a statement of confidence that the best is yet to come. United by the pursuit of perfection, the Trezor and GRAY® families have together created the Corazon, an attempt to create the best crypto and bitcoin hardware wallet in the industry.


The Corazon is a daring experiment in mechanical and technological artistry by the Trezor and GRAY® families designed to reflect the excitement of the cryptocurrency revolution. These crypto & bitcoin hardware wallets are built upon the software and electronics of the Trezor Model T and housed in an aerospace grade titanium case made by GRAY®. Using the Corazon you will be able to safely store and encrypt your coins, passwords and other digital keys with confidence.


The Corazon is the universal vault for all of your digital assets be it cryptocurrencies, passwords or digital keys. Supporting over 1000 cryptocurrency coins you can easily transfer them over to the Corazon for its ultimate security. Designed for your confidence and ease-of-mind, it also features a touchscreen that provides an intuitive and convenient interface to verify and approve all operations.

It also functions as a Password Manager for sign in’s on your email or social media accounts for example, locking each individual password using your digital keys. These passwords can be released one by one, only after your physical confirmation on the Corazon.

The Corazon can serve as your U2F hardware token too. In comparison to standard tokens, the Corazon fully utilizes its screen to inform you about the authentication request before you approve it. It is also backed up with your seed.


The software used in the Corazon and Trezor devices are open-source to be fully auditable unlike other competitors who take a different approach using a close-source secure element. Everybody can look at the code used in the Corazon and verify its integrity, look for vulnerabilities, or come up with improvements and integrations.

Our partners Trezor whose team includes cypherpunks and the original pioneers of the crypto industry has made this fully transparent to eliminate the inherent need for trust and to share as much of their knowledge and ideas with the broader community.


Your digital keys are the access keys to your coins and other data. The Corazon stores these keys for you, and allows you to use them safely. Your keys never leave the device, as the device is completely isolated from any vulnerabilities.

To make backups easier, Trezor has created the recovery seeds standards (BIP32/39/44), giving you the power to recover your entire wallet by using the 12-word recovery seed in the event that your device has been misplaced, lost or stolen.


Each Corazon begins its life as a solid block of titanium, before being machined into its signature aesthetic. A material prized in aeronautics and Formula 1, aerospace grade 5 titanium is used to create a device that is astonishingly light yet incredibly strong. Only the finest materials are acceptable in our quest to create a device that is built to last.


A stunning PVD coat is used to bathe the Corazon to create the Stealth Edition, allowing it to sparkle in its brilliance. The process exceeds industrial standards, ensuring that the coat is able to withstand daily use.

The Corazon Stealth Edition will be limited to 500 pieces, with each device engraved with its own unique serial number as a reminder of its exclusivity.


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Product Specifications:

  • CNC Machined Case from Aerospace Grade Titanium – 6Al4V
  • Mechanically Textured Surface Finish
  • Stealth variant: Black PVD Coating. Limited to 500 Pieces Worldwide
  • Gold variant: Gold PVD Coating. Limited to 100 Pieces Worldwide
  • Technology based on the Trezor Core Firmware of the Trezor Model T
  • 1 x USB Type C to Type A
  • 1 x Recovery Seed Card

Shipping and Handling:

  • All orders are shipped within 72 hours.
  • Shipping times: 5 - 7 days.

Product Images:


Click Here To Get Your Corazon Wallet
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